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Verstappen and Red Bull: 'It happens no matter what Perez says'

Verstappen and Red Bull: 'It happens no matter what Perez says'

21-09-2022 07:05 Last update: 11:18


Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have built a strong car in 2022 and in most races the teams seem to be matched. That Max Verstappen and Red Bull are so far ahead in the championships makes one wonder if it is the Dutchman who is making the difference. Former F1 driver Marc Surer thinks it is the combination.

Verstappen and Red Bull perfect combination

In a YouTube video F1 journalist Christian Nimmervoll asks the former Swiss racing driver whether Verstappen will make a difference this season. The question is whether Red Bull's RB18 might not be so much better than Ferrari's F1-75 at all, but rather that Verstappen is so much better than all other drivers. Surer harks back to the examples of Jim Clark with Lotus and Jackie Stewart with Tyrrell: "It's the combination. There are always those combinations where it just fits together. You feel like it's a unit."

According to the Swiss, Verstappen has the position within the team to pull the car towards him: "Of course he has the influence that the car is developed in his direction. If he complains of understeer then everything is done to get rid of that understeer. Whatever [Sergio] Perez says about that." Surer compares Verstappen and Red Bull to a jockey and a horse winning everything. If the horse is sold for millions, that does not mean that the horse will immediately win again, and vice versa the jockey. Surer: "That combination exists with Verstappen and Red Bull; it fits."

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