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Wolff says Red Bull is taking a risk: 'That's a bold strategy'

Wolff says Red Bull is taking a risk: 'That's a bold strategy'

20-09-2022 10:25 Last update: 10:32


Toto Wolff thinks it is a bold move by Red Bull Racing not to team up with Porsche. According to the Mercedes team boss, cooperation between the two parties would have been great for Formula 1.

Red Bull Racing and Porsche announced that there will be no collaboration in 2026. For a long time, it seemed that the two parties would work together from the moment F1 switches to new engine regulations, but Red Bull did not allow Porsche to take half control of the team.

No deal with Red Bull

Red Bull is in a stronger position in this regard than in the past. Whereas in previous seasons it was dependent on an engine partner, it has recently had its own engine factory in Milton Keynes. So an engine development partner is welcome, but no longer necessary.

Wolff calls this choice by Red Bull versus Motorsport.com a 'bold strategy'. The Austrian sees that the rival from Milton Keynes is clearly aiming to become independent F1 team and engine supplier, but Wolff knows this is not without risks. He also regrets that Porsche will not now work with Red Bull.

Porsche in F1

''It's a shame obviously, from me as a Mercedes person, it's a shame that we can't fight with Porsche. Porsche/Red Bull would have been a mega entry. A great brand,'' said the Mercedes team boss, who himself does not understand why the deal did not materialise between the two parties.

There is still a good chance of Porsche entering F1. The brand is keen to make its entrance into the sport with the new regulations, but will have to do so in partnership with an existing team. It seems like a matter of time before Audi will announce a partnership with Sauber, the only question now is who Porsche wants to deal with next?

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