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Schumacher praised for qualities: 'That's what makes a driver successful'

Schumacher praised for qualities: 'That's what makes a driver successful'

19-09-2022 14:55 Last update: 21:06


Haas has still not clarified Mick Schumacher's future. The driver himself hopes he can continue driving in Formula 1 in 2023, but the US formation seems to have doubts. According to Gary Gannon, the driver has enough qualities to succeed in the motorsport class.

Schumacher's race engineer has been watching him closely for a long time. Whereas Schumacher remained pointless in the world championship in 2021, a year later he managed to finish in the top 10 in both Britain and Austria. Gannon sees that he has developed considerably in other areas as well.

"Mick himself is very mature and capable of managing these emotions and not allowing himself to stay down based on a previous bad result," he told Motorlat.com. "That makes us not to feel extra pressure to fix a mistake from the past or something."

Gannon sees Schumacher making the difference with the mental part. "I think there’s a lot of fast drivers, so all these guys are able to extract most of performance out of the car. The thing that makes a driver successful I think it’s mental capacity in the car, whilist driving at the limit."

Schumacher falling behind Magnussen

However, team boss Guenther Steiner believes Schumacher needs to get more out of his races to continue competing for Haas in Formula 1 next season. Whereas his teammate Kevin Magnussen is already on 22 points, Schumacher collected almost half as many points less.

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