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Ferrari is red, but yellow is a very important colour'.

Ferrari is red, but yellow is a very important colour'.

10 September - 12:45 Last update: 18:04


The Ferrari car of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz looks different than usual this weekend. Both drivers are driving with yellow accents on their car, which has an interesting historical reason according to Ernest Knoors. He explained this on Viaplay.

"Nice, you can talk about that," is how Knoors analyses the one-off choice of the Italian formation. "Ferrari is red, but yellow is a very important colour in that area. The colour of the city is yellow-blue and it is also the colour of the Scudetto."

During the home race in Monza, Ferrari will therefore drive with a yellow rear wing. In addition, yellow accents can be found on the side of the car. "I like the rear wing better than the yellow colour on the side," the former Ferrari employee admitted honestly.

Ferrari aim for victory at Monza

Leclerc and Sainz also have a different suit on this weekend. Where they run in red every weekend, this time they have an all yellow version on. In that colour Ferrari hopes to take victory at Monza. In the first two free practice sessions on Friday they set the fastest lap time.

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