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 Hill understands Hamilton's frustrated board radio: 'Things get said'

Hill understands Hamilton's frustrated board radio: 'Things get said'

6 September - 19:16 Last update: 19:49


Lewis Hamilton sounded furious on the board radio at the Dutch Grand Prix when he lost his podium spot. Former Formula One driver Damon Hill understands the frustrations of the seven-time world champion.

Hamilton felt he had a chance of victory at the Zandvoort circuit, but when the Briton was the only driver on older mediums after the safety car period, his chance was gone. Max Verstappen overtook the Mercedes driver immediately after the restart towards turn one.

Hamilton shouted over the radio that he had been screwed by his team. Teammate George Russell had come in for new tyres and finished second. Hamilton was also overtaken by Charles Leclerc and ended up next to the podium. Mercedes wanted to keep the seven times world champion on the track to maintain position.

Hill understands Hamilton's situation

After the race, Hamilton apologised for his outburst on the radio. Speaking to Sky Sports News, Hill says he can empathise with the Briton's frustrations. "There’s Lewis shaking his head, very unhappy because he thought they should have kept George Russell behind him on the same tyres because that would have meant when they had the restart, there was a car between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton."

"I can understand Lewis’ frustration and when you’re driving in a race you’re very, very hot-headed, let’s say – I think you have to be pretty highly charged. Things get said and he has said he recognises it was upsetting to hear that for the team", says the world champion. According to Hill, Mercedes could certainly have tried to put Russell between Hamilton and Verstappen, but the Dutchman was so fast that the young Briton probably could not have kept him behind for long either.

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