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Marko clarifies Red Bull and Porsche situation

Marko clarifies Red Bull and Porsche situation

19-08-2022 15:53 Last update: 18:38


The possible cooperation between Red Bull Racing and Porsche has been in the air for months. While the announcement of the new engine rules the arrival of Porsche in Formula 1 seems imminent, but for the time being Helmut Marko does not want to know anything about a final agreement.

Although Honda is reportedly keen to continue with the Austrian racing team, it seems to be Porsche that Red Bull will be working with. From 2026 onwards, the company will have to provide a high-performance engine that will enable the team to keep fighting for the world title.

Porsche waited a long time for the FIA to come up with the definitive engine regulations. This week the organisation came out with them, so nothing seems to stand in the way of Porsche joining Formula 1 and announcing the details.

When F1-insider.com asks Marko if Red Bull and Porsche have already come to an agreement, the advisor of the formation is calm. "Nothing has been signed yet. Not until everyone has said 'yes' at the altar has the marriage been consummated," he responds.

Final agreement between Red Bull and Porsche still pending

Earlier it was reported that both parties were supposed to announce an agreement around the Austrian Grand Prix, but the approval of the engine regulations was still pending. It seems likely that they will come out in the near future.

Team principal Christian Horner also commented on the situation. The Brit revealed that Red Bull has already taken the first steps to establish the cooperation. A definitive agreement has not yet been reached.

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