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Vettel not understanding: 'I don't think it was justified'

Vettel not understanding: 'I don't think it was justified'

19 August - 14:42 Last update: 18:36


Sebastian Vettel finds it incomprehensible that Mick Schumacher has been criticised for his performances in Formula 1 in recent months. According to the German, the driver deserves the time to prove himself, he said in conversation with Formula1.com.

Schumacher had a difficult first season with Haas. At the end of 2021 he was still without points, so there was pressure on his performance this season. Whereas Kevin Magnussen got off to a good start, Schumacher is now increasingly picking up points as well.

"I'm very, very happy for Mick because I think he had maybe an unlucky start to the season," Vettel revealed. "Then it takes only a couple of races and then you get a lot of criticism and I don't think it was justified."

Vettel defends Schumacher

Vettel also saw that Schumacher had a difficult start, but according to him everyone has to take into account that the driver is still young. He therefore needs time to prove himself in the motorsport class.

"I know how much effort he's putting in and how hard he is working. So, I think Mick is on the right track. And it's great to see that he had the results that he deserved. So, I'm very, very happy. And I hope for him that, you know, the car will continue to be strong enough for him to show what he's capable of."

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