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Domenicali is clear: 'There's no space for idiots in this world'

Domenicali is clear: 'There's no space for idiots in this world'

15-08-2022 16:56 Last update: 18:28


Last month, Formula 1 announced the 'Drive It Out' campaign to combat misbehaving fans. CEO Stefano Domenicali says there is no room for 'idiots' in the sport and hopes the campaign will be effective.

Following incidents at the Austrian Grand Prix where fans in attendance were subjected to verbal abuse, F1 has launched a campaign against fan abuse. Footage of the message was shared over the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix, when videos also circulated on social media of Max Verstappen fans setting fire to Lewis Hamilton's merchandise.

Domenicali tells Sky Sports more about the abuse of fans. "There’s no discussion about this, no compromise. I think that it is a message that it was great to see that everyone embraced it immediately. I have to say the beauty of our sport is that we can control it. As you can see back again on the grandstand, lots of kids, and lots of family, and it’s good to see different camps all mixed up. So that’s the real Formula 1 we want to see.”

Domenicali clear on abuse

Spectators are urged to report abuse to security during race weekends. Among other things, camera surveillance has been stepped up to keep a close eye on fans. Domenicali has a clear opinion on misbehaving fans. "There’s no space for idiots in the world. Of course, if someone is behaving in a [bad] way, [the response is] gonna be very, very, very, very strong.”

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