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Verstappen hopes for stronger front tyres in 2023: 'Attacking corners better'.

Verstappen hopes for stronger front tyres in 2023: 'Attacking corners better'.

10-08-2022 19:04 Last update: 21:03

Max Verstappen hopes Pirelli will introduce better tyres for next season. The reigning world champion admits that the rubber has improved compared to last year, but it remains difficult for the Red Bull driver to rotate the car.

Speaking to Formel1 the Dutchman explains that he understands it is a complicated task for Pirelli to create a tyre that will suit everyone's needs. Another additional point is that this year the sport has instituted completely new 18-inch tyres that feature a lower cross-section and stiffer sidewall. This has changed the behaviour of the tyre enormously when compared to previous years.


The new generation of Formula 1 cars generally suffer more understeer than before. Verstappen thinks this is due to the weight of the car and the structure of the tyres, which is not ideal. This means that as a team they have to work around that problem and try to make the car steer a little better. Verstappen continued that his team is busy improving the car, but they are still running into limitations. According to the Dutchman there should be more rotation in the car.

Attacking corners better

Since this season the new cars have been introduced and that was not so easy for the Italian tyre supplier either. Verstappen says that they have to deliver a tyre but don't know how much downforce it will have. Verstappen estimates that with the greater weight, it is difficult for Pirelli to know exactly what to expect or what they will get. Still, the Red Bull driver knows that not all the problems can be blamed on the Italian rubber. He also thinks the corners can be attacked even better with a stronger front tyre, but he also concludes that the weight puts a limit on how much you can gain in the slow corners.