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Domenicali invites Vettel to F1 board: 'We've talked about the future'

Domenicali invites Vettel to F1 board: 'We've talked about the future'

5 August - 10:11 Last update: 10:35


Sebastian Vettel announced just before the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend that he will retire and quit Formula One at the end of the season. F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has since spoken to the German and says he warmly welcomes him to the F1 board.

Vettel will no longer drive a Formula One car from next year. The four-time world champion indicated that his ambitions no longer lie with the sport and that his values are currently at odds with what Formula 1 does. Vettel has also taken a more climate-change activist stance over the past year. The departure of the Aston Martin driver marks the end of an era.

Vettel welcome to F1 board

It does not mean that Vettel cannot start a new era in the management of Formula 1. F1 boss Domenicali has already spoken with Vettel and says he would like to welcome him. Speaking to German Sport Bild, the Italian said, "Among other things, we spoke about his decision and his plans for the future. Sebastian will always be connected to Formula 1 and we want that connection to continue. If he is interested in becoming part of our system and if our approaches fit together, then I would of course be happy to welcome him here."

That Vettel will accept this indirect offer from Domenicali in the short term seems unlikely. Vettel said in his statement that he wanted to take a break from Formula 1 to focus on his family. However, according to Bild, should Vettel join the F1 board, it seems that his position will be related to social issues, climate change and sustainability; issues that F1 says it is working on.

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