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Surprise at Leclerc's mistake: 'That would never happen to Verstappen'

Surprise at Leclerc's mistake: 'That would never happen to Verstappen'

24 July - 22:18 Last update: 24 July - 22:18


Charles Leclerc' s crash came as a shock to the majority of Formula 1 viewers. So too did Peter Windsor, who in his analysis on YouTube discusses where it went wrong for the Ferrari driver.

"That was one of the most surprising things I've ever seen," Windsor said of Leclerc's crash. "At that point in the race he had nobody left in his mirrors, Lewis Hamilton was six seconds behind and Max was coming in for his second set of tyres." At that point, according to the analyst, Leclerc should have been concerned with how long he could continue on his tyres, rather than driving as if defending a position.

Surprise at Leclerc crash

He continued: "He wasn't relaxing, but at that point, he could just drive as he wanted without having to defend against Max." That Leclerc lost control of his Ferrari at such a moment therefore finds Windsor incomprehensible, but he is trying to work out how the driver could make such a mistake.

According to Windsor, when Verstappen was chasing Leclerc in the early stages of the race, he always used less asphalt in the middle of the bend in question. "Charles started to drift more and more to the outside," Windsor continued his explanation.

Eventually Leclerc hit the kerb, losing control of his F1-75. The reason, according to Windsor, is to be found in the constant comparison in telemetry of both Ferrari drivers. "It's something you would never see happen to Max," the Brit continued. "Not just because he is Max, but also because Sergio Perez is the one driving the other car." According to Windsor, the constant pressure of comparing the Red Bull drivers is not present as it is with Ferrari.

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