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Sainz critical of slow marshals: Definitely something we need to look at

Sainz critical of slow marshals: "Definitely something we need to look at"

12-07-2022 14:36 Last update: 16:02


Carlos Sainz experienced a terrifying few minutes when he was forced to stop his Ferrari at the Austrian Grand Prix. The Spaniard had to jump out of a burning car and feels the reaction of the marshals present could possibly have been a little quicker.

The F1-75 kept rolling backwards and Sainz had to keep his foot on the brake, but he could not keep it on for long because his car was on fire. However, the marshals were not immediately on hand and the fire spread, forcing the Spaniard to make the choice to jump out of the moving vehicle.

Sainz felt marshals' response was slow

Sainz therefore believes the whole process was a bit slow. "At some point, there was so much fire that I had to really get a move on and jump out independently," he says according to The Race. "I think it was just at that time that the first marshal arrived and stopped the car."

The Ferrari driver understands that it was not an ideal situation because one of the marshals - at Sainz's request - went to get a block to put behind the front wheel. However, why other marshals did not arrive in the meantime to put out the fire as far as possible is unclear. "It’s definitely something we need to look at – what we could have done a bit faster because it was not an easy situation to be in," Sainz said.

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