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Verstappen criticises misbehaving fans: This should never have happened

Verstappen criticises misbehaving fans: "This should never have happened"

10-07-2022 17:42 Last update: 21:02

Formula 1 issued a statement on Sunday morning saying that several female fans have reported that they were victims of sexual harassment during the Grand Prix weekend. The organisation condemns these incidents and Max Verstappen cannot get his head around it either.

After the Austrian Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked at the press conference, including The Telegraph, present to the reporting. "I have read some shocking things. This should never happen, nowhere. Actually, I shouldn't even have to say this. Surely a normal thinking person should know not to behave like this."

The nationality of the fans who crossed the border has not been revealed. It is also unclear whether the organisation in Austria has specific people in mind who are suspected of this. In any case, such behaviour is unacceptable. Lewis Hamilton wrote this on his Instagram before the race at the Red Bull Ring.

Can't happen again

Verstappen hopes that measures will be taken to ensure it does not happen again in the future: "Maybe there should be more security, more checks. Besides, people party here and drink a lot of alcohol. Then you can do stupid things. That should not be an excuse. But maybe that can be regulated as well. Sometimes it is also time to go to bed."