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Internet outraged over fine Vettel: 'Better role model than FIA itself'

9 July at 19:50
Last update 9 July at 20:07
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There are many conclusions to be drawn from the sprint race for the Austrian Grand Prix. Max Verstappen disappeared on the horizon while the Ferrari's battled it out for second place, but the biggest discussion came after the race: Sebastian Vettel had to go before the stewards once again.

Internet falls out over Vettel fine and FIA use of words

The Aston Martin driver had to answer for leaving the driver's briefing without permission, where the inconsistency of the race direction and stewards was discussed. Vettel expressed his frustration over that fact, which earned him a conditional fine of €25,000.

What many Twitter users have the biggest problem with is the FIA's choice of words. The stewards judged that the German had failed in his role as a role model, while according to many viewers that is exactly what Vettel excels in. George Russell also reinforced Vettel's criticism by stating that Formula 1 would be better off going back to one race director after drivers increasingly criticised the inconsistent decisions of stewards and race directors Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich.