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Sainz did not yet enjoy victory: 'Just hungry for more'

Sainz did not yet enjoy victory: 'Just hungry for more'

7 July - 17:12 Last update: 19:12


Carlos Sainz joined the illustrious ranks of F1 race winners at Silverstone last week. The Spaniard says he has not yet fully enjoyed his first victory due to the busy travel schedule. The hunger for more has been whetted.

There is no rest between the two GP weekends in Britain and Austria. Sainz won his first GP last Sunday and was back speaking to the press in Austria today. The Ferrari driver said at the FIA press conference that he is looking forward to the next race as his hunger for more victories has been whetted.

Sainz has yet to enjoy victory

Sainz: "I can't describe how it [the first win] feels, it's very difficult and personal. I can tell you it's great and it's getting to me bit by bit. With the weekends in a row and this 'sprint weekend' there is not much time to take it easy. In any case, the victory has made me hungrier for more victories." For now, it seems Sainz still has to work hard for his victories. If he wants to take his second win in Austria immediately, he will be troubled by Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. During the British GP his teammate and rival from Red Bull Racing were actually faster.

Sainz expects there to be good racing at the Red Bull Ring: "This weekend with the sprint will be intense. At FP1 the balance has to be right straight away. I expect good racing with the three DRS zones which are very important with these cars. Normally the racing in Austria is already great, but I expect it to be even better this weekend."

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