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Complimenting Dutch fans: 'Create a fun atmosphere'

Complimenting Dutch fans: 'Create a fun atmosphere'

7 July - 13:24 Last update: 14:34


The Austrian Grand Prix is coming up this weekend. Chris Medland is looking forward on Formula1.com to the race weekend, with one element in particular: the many Dutch fans in the stands. 

In Formula 1, the Dutch spectators are received with great enthusiasm. Not only did they make sure the Dutch GP was a big party, they also left a positive impression in many other countries. The Formula 1 journalist is therefore full of expectations for the weekend.

"The fans are largely going to be wearing one colour: orange," says Medland, who then offers another compliment. "Whether or not things go well for Verstappen, though, the Dutch fans always know how to have a good time and create a fun atmosphere throughout the weekend."

Sprint race provides extra excitement in Austria

Medland also discusses the sprint race that the drivers will have to drive again this weekend. According to the journalist this will create extra tension on the track which will have a positive effect on the rest of the weekend. A bad performance in the sprint race would mean that the driver would have to make up for it in the race on Sunday.

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