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Norris lashes out at critics: They're clueless!

Norris lashes out at critics: "They're clueless!"

7 July - 06:48 Last update: 08:45


According to Lando Norris, those who say he should not have signed with McLaren for so long have no idea what they are talking about. The Brit deliberately chose the long term and a familiar environment, he says at Sky Sports.

Norris signed a contract through to 2025 even before the 2022 F1 season had begun. A remarkable deal, because at that time the ranking was not at all clear. If McLaren built a bad car, Norris was stuck with that too. The MCL36 is not bad, but the team from Woking is definitely not one of the top teams.

Norris not happy with criticism

''They're clueless!'', says Norris about the critics who argue that it was naive to sign such a contract. ''I don't know why... everyone thinks they know, he definitely could have gone here, he could have done that. It's come from people that I have a lot of respect for and of course I respect their opinions," said the Briton, who was also told that Jenson Button was surprised by the long contract.

For Norris, however, it was not a difficult choice. ''I have a good team around me so we know where I want to be and when, what the team can offer me going into the future. I still believe it's the best place for me because it's where I've grown up, I know what we have coming,'' concludes the McLaren driver.

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