Wurz after Zhou crash: 'FIA, we have more work to do'

Wurz after Zhou crash: 'FIA, we have more work to do'

6 July - 10:42 Last update: 11:26

Alexander Wurz is calling on the FIA to investigate the roll hoop of Formula 1 cars after Guanyu Zhou's did not work as it should at Silverstone. The hard impact the Chinese driver experienced completely dented the roll cage of his Alfa Romeo.

Zhou suffered a very bad crash at Silverstone and thanked the halo itself for saving his life. Looking at the footage of the crash, it is clearly visible that the halo did indeed save Zhou's life, but the roll hoop was also supposed to help. Instead, the top of the roll hoop has completely disappeared.

Wurz calls for action

Wurz writes on his Twitter that he remembers the last time a roll hoop didn't work: "The last time (as far as I can remember) a roll hoop didn't work was Pedro Diniz at the Nürburgring in '99 (he jumped over me). This caused stricter testing, which was requested by the GPDA and implemented by the FIA."

"Dear Mr President, please check your inbox as we have more work to do," Wurz concluded the tweet. The tweet features two clear photos of both Diniz's and Zhou's battered F1 cars.

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