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Red Bull praises FIA after Zhou's heavy crash at Silverstone

Red Bull praises FIA after Zhou's heavy crash at Silverstone

5 July - 14:34 Last update: 16:30

Helmut Marko expressed his admiration for the FIA the day after the British Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing advisor thinks the governing body is taking good steps concerning safety in Formula 1. He also thinks that next year a crash like the one that happened this year will no longer be possible at Silverstone.

In the programme Sport & Talk aus dem Hangar 7 on ServusTV, in addition to the performance of Max Verstappen in Great Britain and a preview of the Austrian Grand Prix, there was also a brief look at Zhou's huge crash. Miraculously, the Chinese driver suffered no injuries and was walking through the paddock again just hours after his crash.

Sigh of relief

Immediately after the crash, no one would have thought it possible. The FOM only shows replays of crashes on television when they are sure that everyone was unharmed. "For a long time you didn't see any detailed images, that's usually a sign that it's something bad. But then we were told it was not as bad as all that, thankfully," Marko said of those tense minutes.

The 23-year-old driver crashed into the fences behind the tyre stacks, causing him to be trapped for some time. Marko does not think the FIA made a blatant error by choosing this construction. "Every accident is different, you can't talk about a weak spot. What happened here will not happen again in the near future." So Marko thinks we will see modifications on that part of the circuit in 2023.

Halo proves itself again

According to the Red Bull chief, there is no doubt that it is thanks to the halo that Zhou will be back in the Alfa Romeo car this coming weekend and survived the crash at all. "Without the halo, Zhou would never have survived. That also shows how well the FIA is developing."

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