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Dutch press | Sainz 'was definitely not the fastest man on the track'.

Dutch press | Sainz 'was definitely not the fastest man on the track'.

4 July - 07:00


Carlos Sainz secured his first win of his Formula One career in the British Grand Prix last weekend. However, with Max Verstappen outside the top five, the Italian team seemed wiser to let Charles Leclerc take the maximum number of points. In the Dutch media this decision is much discussed.

The Telegraph

According to De Telegraaf , Sainz was not immediately the deserved winner of the weekend. "The Spaniard was not lucky and was certainly not the fastest man on the track," writes the medium. "That choice to defend rather than attack worked out badly. On older, hard tyres the Monegasque did what he could, but was ultimately powerless."

Algemeen Dagblad

The Algemeen Dagblad breathed a sigh of relief: "Verstappen seemed to have suffered a lot of damage at Silverstone. But the damage was limited with a seventh place, because Ferrari was stressed for the victory. Not Verstappen's direct challenger Leclerc was allowed to win, but the Scuderia chose Sainz."

The Volkskrant

De Volkskrant enjoyed the return of Lewis Hamilton: "At last, seven-time world champion Hamilton could smell a victory again this Formula 1 season. The Briton led a race at 'his' Silverstone on Sunday for the first time this year, was actually able to keep up with the fastest in his improved Mercedes and finished third."

The Limburger

According to De Limburger, Ferrari should have done everything possible to let Leclerc win: "If Leclerc wants to play a significant role in the championship, it is important to take advantage of the moments when Verstappen is affected by technical problems. But even that is not something Ferrari are capable of at the moment.

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