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Horner dissatisfied: It's giving us a lot of headaches

Horner dissatisfied: "It's giving us a lot of headaches"

2 July - 07:25 Last update: 08:09


Formula 1 's top teams are still hoping for an increase in the budget cap. Christian Horner tells The Telegraph that a meeting with all the teams is planned in Austria.

"We are doing everything we can to work as efficiently as possible," Horner said. In 2022, the budget ceiling is set at $140 million, which equates to around 115 million pounds. According to the larger teams in F1, Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and Mercedes, this is not enough. Therefore, they hope that the smaller teams will agree with them, so that they can raise the ceiling during the season.

Inflation much higher than expected

Global inflation means that plans made at the start of the season are likely to be scrapped. "It's giving us a lot of headaches. Teams at the front and back of the grid will always have a difference of opinion, but nobody could have predicted beforehand that there would be this level of inflation," said Horner.

According to Horner, the inability to upgrade the car is not the only problem caused by the budget ceiling. Last season Red Bull had to lay off several people because of the spending limit.

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