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Leclerc not giving up on title hope: 'Doesn't mean it's impossible'

Leclerc not giving up on title hope: 'Doesn't mean it's impossible'

30-06-2022 16:53 Last update: 17:29


Despite his deficit in the championship, Charles Leclerc is not giving up hope of winning the title. The Ferrari driver is confident that he and his team can come back stronger.

"It will take time. But in the meantime, we just need to focus on the job we have to do on track and again, very confident that if we do everything perfect on track, we have the car and we have the people inside the team for us to win races and to win the championship, because ultimately, that’s the goal", Leclerc says the press conference at Silverstone, quoted by F1.com.

Leclerc has more than 50 points on Max Verstappen to make up for, but his confidence is undiminished. Red Bull Racing were the team with reliability problems at the start of the season, but they have managed to turn the tide. Who knows, Ferrari might do the same.

Leclerc still believes in title chances

"In the last four, five races, it became much more difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I still believe in it as much as I believed five races ago. It’s going to be more difficult, but anything is possible", says the Monegasque.

The drivers have a busy month ahead of them before the summer break. There are four races scheduled in July, so Leclerc knows it will be an important month.

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