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Seidl looking forward to Silverstone: 'We really feel the support'

Seidl looking forward to Silverstone: 'We really feel the support'

29 June - 09:24 Last update: 10:25


McLaren has a special race coming up this weekend, as the British racing team will have a home race at Silverstone. Andreas Seidl, as team boss of the formation, is looking forward to the race weekend and expects an exciting fight.

Where McLaren hoped at the beginning of the season that it could compete for the world title, this season it appeared to be too high. The British are in the middle of the standings but are hoping for a good performance in Britain.

"There is nothing better than a home race and the whole team is looking forward to seeing the papaya fans among the sell-out crowd," Seidl stated in McLaren's press release. "Of course, as well as being a home race for the team, Silverstone also marks Lando's home Grand Prix, which means we really feel the support from the grandstands. Plenty of our own team will also be at the race, seeing their hard work in action."

Silverstone also special for other teams

McLaren is not the only team to have a home race, as Williams and Aston Martin will also be in action in their home country this weekend. Both teams are not doing as well as McLaren this season though.

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