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Speed record smashed at Goodwood Festival of Speed
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Speed record smashed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

27 June - 09:29 Last update: 10:20


Max Chilton holds the speed record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The former F1 driver drove the McMurtry Speirling and wiped out the VW ID.R record.

Speed record at Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a place where a wide variety of cars can be admired. The event in England is an annual event with modern and historic cars. This weekend Nigel Mansell drove his old Williams (the FW14B) with which he became world champion in 1992.

But it is also a moment for new cars to show themselves to the world. The electric McMurtry Speirling was presented at last year's festival and it was announced that the speed record would be broken with this car. In 2022, that promise was followed through with a new fastest time of 39.08. Former F1 driver Chilton was behind the wheel.

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