Organisation of Silverstone circuit takes legal action

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24 June at 20:07
Last update 24 June at 23:01

The organisers of Silverstone's Formula One circuit are planning to go to court to sue the circuit's old contractor for eight million pounds, reports

The Silverstone circuit was re-paved in 2018. This cost the owners two million pounds, but poor workmanship made the circuit one of the most uncomfortable races on the calendar.

Among others, Lewis Hamilton voiced criticism at the 2018 British Grand Prix. The track was extremely bumpy and, according to the Brit, the worst ever. During the weekend of the MotoGP in August 2018, five riders crashed on the bumpy track and another rider even broke his leg. The race committee decided to cancel the race due to heavy rainfall. The poor drainage on the circuit made it too unsafe to race.

Silverstone sues company

In 2019, the circuit was re-paved, but the company hired to do this in 2018, Aggregate Industries, is now being sued for eight million pounds. The organisers are suing the company for the cost of the cancelled MotoGP race, the cost of resurfacing the track, and lost profits, bringing the total to £8 million.