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Competition for Spanish GP: Madrid sends letter to F1'.

Competition for Spanish GP: Madrid sends letter to F1'.

23 June - 08:46 Last update: 08:51


Madrid wants a place on the Formula 1 calendar. No circuit that meets the sport's requirements is ready yet, but a letter has been written to Stefano Domenicali.

Spanish GP

The Spanish Grand Prix has been held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya since 1991 and testing also takes place there frequently. For Madrid an F1-race has been a while ago. In 1981 Gilles Villeneuve won on the Circuito del Jarama in the province of Madrid. This circuit was used eleven times between 1967 and 1981 for an F1-race, although two races did not count for the official calendar. In 1913 there was also a Spanish GP in Guadarrama, Madrid, but this was before F1 existed.

With Carlos Sainz as Madrid's flag bearer, it wants to bring F1 back to the capital of Spain. Isabel Diaz Ayuso has sent a letter on behalf of Madrid to Stefano Domenicali, reports El Confidencial. In it, the Spanish politician writes of Madrid's intention to become part of F1.

F1 in Madrid

The plan is still in its infancy, but the desire is clear. It has the support of politicians and now it must be pushed through. No circuit has yet been designated. The Circuito del Jarama is still in Madrid, but it is not certain whether this still meets the requirements of F1. Also, a project is being worked on in Morata de Tajuna. In any case, it would not be Madrid's intention to deliver a street circuit.

It is not an easy task for Madrid, because Barcelona has just extended its deal with F1 until 2026. A lot will be invested in that circuit, which also serves as a test circuit in the winter. Madrid will not be able to take that Spanish spot just like that. A second GP in Spain is possible, but European places are scarce.

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