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Ecclestone unconvinced of Ferrari: 'Verstappen has it easy'

Ecclestone unconvinced of Ferrari: 'Verstappen has it easy'

22-06-2022 11:25 Last update: 12:29


Former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says Ferrari's mistakes will help Verstappen win his second world title. The 91-year-old thinks the Dutchman has it easy.

After nine races, Verstappen leads the driver's championship by 46 points. The Dutchman's team is also doing well in the constructors' championship. To Blick, Ecclestone lashes out at Ferrari. The 91-year-old is not convinced by the Italians and Charles Leclerc.

"I, like many fans, had hoped that Ferrari would be successful again after more than fourteen years. Unfortunately, I have to say that anyone who continues to bet their money on Ferrari or Leclerc will gain nothing", Ecclestone begins. The last time Ferrari won the constructors' championship was in 2008. Kimi Raikkonen is the last Ferrari driver to win a title with the team.

'Verstappen has it easy'

The Italians are therefore driven to win this year, but so far several mistakes have caused the team to miss out on points. Leclerc made a mistake of his own in Imola, but the reliability of the Ferrari car has also caused the Monegasque to lose points. Things also went wrong in Monaco due to a strategic error.

"Mistakes are popping up again at Ferrari. The reliability is often reminiscent of the past and the drivers themselves are not always confident on the track. So Max Verstappen has it easy. You only have to look at the six victories the Red Bull driver has already achieved", says the former F1 boss.

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