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Marko suspects Mercedes of inside information: 'Otherwise you can't explain it'
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Marko suspects Mercedes of inside information: 'Otherwise you can't explain it'

21 June - 06:38 Last update: 08:46


Helmut Marko suspects that Mercedes had prior knowledge of the FIA's new rules. The Red Bull Racing advisor is not happy with the way things went and is critical of F1's governing body.

FIA intervenes

The 2022 F1 season has its first controversy to deal with. Porpoising has been a theme all season and Mercedes has the most problems with it. The team tried, especially in Azerbaijan, to run a campaign to get new rules. This worked in part, as the FIA instituted new 'technical directives' and allowed teams to add an extra rod from the chassis to the floor for support. The very next day, that rod was ready at Mercedes.

Marko let Motorsport.com know that he was surprised to see that. The Austrian does not want to accuse the German racing stable right away, but when asked if Mercedes had prior knowledge, his answer is clear: ''Otherwise you cannot explain what happened.''

No problem for Red Bull

Marko, like Max Verstappen, is fed up with the fact that the FIA has started to fiddle with the regulations during the season because one team is suffering from bouncing. Although it was only a matter of guidelines, from the British Grand Prix onwards the FIA wants to be able to intervene when it appears that a car is bouncing too much. The car would then have to be raised, but in doing so the FIA is treading on dangerous ground. According to Marko the FIA should not interfere with the set-up of the car at all.

Fans of Red Bull Racing probably don't have to worry. New guidelines or not: Red Bull will probably not notice much of it. The car already hardly bounces and will therefore have no problem passing the inspection. Marko is not cheering too early, however, because many parameters are still unclear at this point.

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