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Alonso won't really threaten Verstappen: 'That's completely unrealistic'.

Alonso won't really threaten Verstappen: 'That's completely unrealistic'.

19-06-2022 15:16 Last update: 16:41


After qualifying Fernando Alonso joked that he would attack Max Verstappen in the first corner. The Spaniard was honest in the press conference afterwards and does not expect that he can be a real threat to the reigning world champion. Carlos Sainz thinks otherwise.

For the first time since 2012, Alonso is on the front row of the grid at the start of a Formula 1 race and that is an achievement in itself. A podium also seems achievable from that starting position, but a win might be a bit too high. Alonso realizes that Red Bull Racing generally has better pace.

Spaniards chase Verstappen

''I don't think we are in that luxury position (to threaten Verstappen),'' Alonso says of that. ''We have mainly been fighting for eighth, ninth and tenth places. I don't think this is a realistic (P2) position for us, but a top five should be achievable. To think we can win is completely unrealistic,'' says the two-time world champion.

Behind Alonso, Sainz will start from third place. The Ferrari driver does have his sights set on a victory. ''I think both of us (Alonso and Sainz) try to overtake Max at the start. That would make it much easier. It all depends on how the first laps go. Anything can happen, as always on a Sunday'', concludes the second Spaniard.

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