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Did Red Bull vote against FIA proposal to reduce porpoising?

Did Red Bull vote against FIA proposal to reduce porpoising?

12 June - 08:11 Last update: 09:37

Porpoising is one of the most discussed topics within Formula 1. Certain teams, including Mercedes, are incredibly bothered by the bouncing of their cars. According to George Russell, it even creates dangerous situations and can lead to major accidents. However, a gesture by the FIA to make adjustments to the rules failed to gain a majority.

That's what we know The Race reported on Sunday morning prior to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The FIA would be open to making some simple rule changes that would reduce porpoising. This was discussed during the driver briefing and then it was discussed in meetings of the 'Technical Advisory Committee.

However, all the proposals that have passed the review have all failed to gain a majority. It is now June and that means that eight out of ten teams are now required to make direct changes or amendments to the 2023 regulations. The chances of that happening are nil, as all teams have their own interests.

Red Bull will not want to help Mercedes

It is unclear which teams voted for and against, but that at least Red Bull Racing (and with its sister team AlphaTauri) voted against the gesture of the international motorsport federation seems obvious. The Austrian formation of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez itself is hardly bothered by the bounce.

It is not in Red Bull's interest if Mercedes and to a lesser extent Ferrari are 'helped' to become more competitive. Moreover, Adrian Newey and his men would then have to modify the design of the RB18 again for a problem that does not affect it themselves.

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