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Pirelli expects exciting battle in strategy: 'That's where the focus is'

Pirelli expects exciting battle in strategy: 'That's where the focus is'

29 May - 07:40 Last update: 12:33


The weekend in Monaco has so far provided many sunny pictures, but that could be a different story on Sunday. Rain showers are predicted during the Grand Prix, so the teams will have to anticipate a possible rain race. At Pirelli they are keeping all options open.

Because even if it stays dry, tyre choice will be hugely important. Strategy has determined several times in recent years who will win the race and since overtaking is almost impossible, the teams are most likely to overtake each other in the pit lane.

Strategy is going to be important

Mario Isola explains on Pirelli's site explains that teams are keeping all tire options open. "A variety of strategies is possible, with all three of the compounds having already showed that they have an important role to play. The soft was an essential ingredient to qualifying, but the wear has been noted."

If the race remains dry, Pirelli's top executive expects many teams to disregard the softest red tire. "The medium and hard tyres are likely to be the focus of the race tomorrow," he said. However, teams will want to avoid setting strategy at this point, with so many factors that can still change.

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