World Championship to Verstappen or Leclerc? Hamilton has clear preference
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World Championship to Verstappen or Leclerc? Hamilton has clear preference

28 May - 08:28 Last update: 11:23

Lewis Hamilton has still not put a world title for Mercedes this year out of his mind. The seven-time world champion does not exclude the possibility of finding a connection with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. If it has to be someone else who has to grab the World title, he wishes Charles Leclerc the championship the most.

"So you're assuming that we at Mercedes are already written off?", Hamilton responds, laughing, when the Italian newspaper Corriere asks him if it is Max Verstappen or Leclerc who will win the world title in 2022."Don't underestimate us. Ferrari is stronger in qualifying and Red Bull in the race, but it changes with each race. Ferrari has shown that it knows how to make a great car and then Charles is very strong."

For Leclerc, it is already his fifth full season in Formula 1. Hamilton isn't too surprised that the young Monegasque managed to impress."You could see it coming. And I will add one thing: if I could sit with the fans there, I would support Charles. I'm a Ferrari fan." A second world title for Verstappen is not necessary as far as the Mercedes driver is concerned.

Verstappen best opponent ever?

Hamilton's battle with Verstappen last year is one that will go down in the history books. Both drivers pushed each other to the limit and in the end it was the Dutchman who cleverly drew the longest straw. Hamilton agrees that Verstappen was a very strong competitor, but he would not call him his "best opponent ever."He is one of many I have had to face, there are quite a few. Starting with Fernando Alonso, they all had great qualities."

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