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Horner wants budget cap raised: 'Teams will miss the last few races'

Horner wants budget cap raised: 'Teams will miss the last few races'

23-05-2022 13:57 Last update: 19:25

Red Bull Racing leads both championships after Max Verstappen's victory in Barcelona, but the team is in an intense battle with Ferrari. Meanwhile, the discussion about the budget cap has been rekindled: Christian Horner even fears that the majority of Formula One teams will have to miss the last four races to stay within the limit.

Developments are in full swing and that has raised questions around the budget of Red Bull Racing, among others. Horner fears that the majority of the teams will not be able to stay under the budget cap, partly due to inflation. The top teams in particular are therefore pushing for an increase in the cost cap.

Horner wants increase in budget cap

"We need the FIA to address the inflationary issue because I think basically probably about seven teams will need to miss the last four races to come within the cap this year," Horner said according to ESPN.

According to the Red Bull team boss, this not only affects the top teams, but smaller teams are also struggling with the effects of inflation. As an example, he cites transportation costs, which are said to have quadrupled due to current fuel prices.

Alpine not in agreement with Red Bull

Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer completely disagrees with his colleague and even has to laugh at the suggestion that teams should miss races to avoid breaking financial rules. "It will move us up in the championship. I welcome that," he replied.

Szafnauer doesn't know if he should take Horner's comments seriously or if he was joking, but as far as he is concerned the budget cap stays as it is. Then the top teams should just spend a little less money on developments, the American believes.

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