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Russell has psychological advantage over Hamilton: 'Easier for George'

Russell has psychological advantage over Hamilton: 'Easier for George'

18 May - 11:22 Last update: 12:56


Lewis Hamilton travels to Spain this coming weekend where he left victorious for the last five years. This season the situation is completely different and the chances of him finishing first again seem slim. Instead, he is in fierce competition with his teammate George Russell. According to Jenson Button, it makes sense for Russell to emerge victorious from that battle for the time being.

Button sees that Hamilton is clearly in a difficult period. Whereas in recent years the driver had become accustomed to fighting for the world title, in 2022 he will have to charge into every race weekend for the time being for a fight in the midfield of the driver's field.

Unlike Hamilton, Russell seems to like his current role. The Briton, who transferred from Williams at the beginning of the season, remains calm for the time being and identifies with the current situation he faces at Mercedes.

Difference between Hamilton and Russell to be seen

According to Button, however, it is not surprising that this difference between Russell and Hamilton is noticeable. "It’s easier for George because he hasn’t won in a long time," he stressed in conversation with Sky Sports. The former Formula 1 driver argues that Russell is logically more relaxed about the current situation, as things can only get better for him.

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