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Verstappen pushes his team with criticism: 'Like a dynamic team'

Verstappen pushes his team with criticism: 'Like a dynamic team'

18-05-2022 09:18 Last update: 11:09


Max Verstappen was critical of Red Bull Racing despite a second win in a row. Reliability problems kept occurring and that has to end. Christian Horner is happy that Verstappen is keeping his team so sharp.

The Austrian formation's season has been shaky. Verstappen won three of the first five races but crashed out in the other two. Sergio Perez also crashed out of one race and also had a technical problem in Miami. Add to that Verstappen's problems on Friday in Miami, and you can see where Verstappen's irritation is coming from.

Verstappen puts pressure on it

The reigning world champion knows very well that you cannot have problems so often if you want to be a world champion and so he demands more from his team. Where others wonder if this is not sometimes a bit too critical, Horner doesn't want to know. In conversation with Motorsport.com the Briton tells us that they are a team and that they all have to go for it together.

''We push him and he pushes us like a dynamic team,'' the Red Bull Racing team boss said. Added to that, of course, is the fact that Verstappen has a right to demand something. After his world title, Horner says he has not been idle and the Dutchman is driving even more maturely than in recent years. This has already resulted in three fine victories in Saudi Arabia, Imola and Miami.

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