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Ferrari and Red Bull battle: 'Tension is gently increasing'

Ferrari and Red Bull battle: 'Tension is gently increasing'

17 May - 18:22 Last update: 19:18


The battle between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari is no longer just on the track. Off the track, in fact, the battle continues, as Scott Mitchell also notes. The journalist states at The Race that he expects the conflict between the two teams to only get worse.

Where last season Red Bull and Mercedes kept little from each other, this season's championship battle did not seem to take the same forms. Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen showed great respect for each other's performance and the team bosses also seemed to get along well.

Binotto is critical of situation at Red Bull

However, that situation seemed to change in Miami. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto opened the attack on Red Bull by saying that the competitor had a lot of updates at the beginning of the season. According to him, it was therefore inevitable that the Austrians would run out of budget in the course of the season.

With that, both teams seem to be moving a bit further apart. "The Ferrari/Red Bull squabbling is still minimal for now compared to last year’s animosity, but it’s no longer completely absent," Mitchell states. "The tension is gently increasing in both camps."

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