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Vettel on cancelled GP in Belgium: 'Wrong to blame Spa'

Vettel on cancelled GP in Belgium: 'Wrong to blame Spa'

16 May - 14:50 Last update: 15:40


Sebastian Vettel sees that more and more circuits are struggling financially to host a Grand Prix. In conversation with RTL Deutschland he explains that he notices that, among others, the GP of Belgium is under pressure, looking back at last year's race weekend.

During the Belgian GP of 2021 there was such heavy rainfall that the organizers had no choice but to stop the race early. However, the spectators did not get their money back, because the race had taken place according to the rules. Vettel still finds the situation annoying.

"It's a pity what happened last year, that the fans didn't get their money back," states Vettel, who believes the blame lies with the bosses of Formula 1. "I think it would be wrong to blame Spa. They are already struggling to raise the money for the race."

Future of Germany GP

Vettel additionally noted that he no longer expects to ever be seen in Germany again as a Formula 1 driver. His home race was a great success for years, but according to the Aston Martin driver, the organization can no longer afford the high costs.

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