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Rumor: 'Red Bull already spent 75 percent of total budget on updates'

Rumor: 'Red Bull already spent 75 percent of total budget on updates'

11-05-2022 11:06 Last update: 13:41

The Italian branch of has calculated that Red Bull Racing has spent as much as two-thirds of its development budget. As a result, Mattia Binotto could yet be right in his statement about the budget cap.

After the Miami GP, Ferrari's team boss let it be known that he assumed Red Bull Racing could not continue to update the car in this way. The Austrian team already came up with several updates in 2022, where Ferrari has continued to drive with pretty much the same car as during the winter test in Barcelona.

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Binotto thinks that Red Bull cannot keep updating due to the budget cap. went to investigate and found out from Guenther Steiner that top teams have around ten million dollars (about 9.5 million euros) available for updates. There is no limit to how much you can develop, but of the 140 million (the budget cap, about 132 million euros), not all the money can go to updates.

With the updates that Red Bull has already brought, the medium reports that there are already rumours going around that Red Bull would already be on 75 percent of that ten million dollars. Mercedes would even be over the ten million, and therefore unable to come up with very big updates after Barcelona. Ferrari has held back for now and therefore still has a lot of margin. The question is whether when they come up with updates, they will be as successful as those of Red Bull.