Hamilton compared to Russell: 'he's not going to have the gung-ho approach'

06-05-2022 08:33 | Updated: 06-05-2022 09:05
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Hamilton compared to Russell: 'he's not going to have the gung-ho approach'

According to Martin Brundle, people are going too far by already talking about the retirement of Lewis Hamilton. According to the former Formula One driver, George Russell is doing better at Mercedes, but Lewis should not be written off yet.

Hamilton not yet ready to retire

Things can move fast in Formula 1. In 2021 Hamilton was still Max Verstappen's title rival and on his way to his eighth world title. In Brazil, he delivered another masterpiece from the back of the grid and was praised for his racing skills. In 2022, however, there are doubts as he struggles more in the W13 than Russell.

''We can't go from the revelation of Brazil to, he's a busted flush, he should stop. That's just silly talk. He is at the far end of his career, he's not going to have the gung-ho approach like George, '' said Brundle in a Q&A from Sky Sports. Hamilton himself also let it be known that he is far from retiring and even said that he was working on his masterpiece.

Bad luck for Russell

''I think George is handling a bad car better than Lewis is. George has still got all the motivation and the enthusiasm, and no world-weariness. He has had three years of manhandling a Williams around, getting better results than it perhaps should have done. He's doing a fine job and I think he's very special. I'm not at all surprised he's at least matching Lewis, that's exactly what I expected him to do.''

The Sky Sports analyst does feel sorry for Russell. The Briton had to wait a long time for his chance at Mercedes and seems to have stepped in just at the wrong time. ''I feel a bit sorry for him, to be honest! He's bided his time at Williams and now he's jumped in the Mercedes and they're not fast'', Brundle concludes.

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