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Hamilton needs to learn: 'All of a sudden he's stuck in traffic'

Hamilton needs to learn: 'All of a sudden he's stuck in traffic'

5 May - 16:48 Last update: 19:13


Lewis Hamilton is experiencing the toughest season ever at Mercedes for the time being. The British driver still does not seem to feel comfortable in his car and therefore his performance is disappointing. According to Juan Pablo Montoya, the driver still has a lot to learn.

A seven-time world champion, Hamilton has plenty of Formula One experience to his name, but rarely did he find himself in the position he is facing this race year. Mercedes failed to deliver a car with which Hamilton can compete with the top teams, while the racing stable is also struggling in the middle ground.

The latter can be explained. Due to the new regulations that have been in place since this season, the teams in the middle of the pack have become very close to each other. As a result, in addition to Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, who are competing at the front of the field, drivers have to fight hard to get points for their team.

Hamilton faces tough task

Montoya understands that Hamilton is surprised at the moment. "All of a sudden he's stuck in traffic and it doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't practice it, it's hard," he explained in conversation with Vegasinsider.com. "I think Lewis is not as comfortable and I think the car is doing a lot of different things."

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