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'Volkswagen CEO confirms: 'Porsche and Audi are coming to Formula 1''

'Volkswagen CEO confirms: 'Porsche and Audi are coming to Formula 1''

2 May - 10:27 Last update: 11:53


Audi and Porsche will compete in Formula 1. This is stated by the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, according to the news agency Reuters.com.

Volkswagen in F1

The Volkswagen Group has been associated with Formula 1 for some time, and Porsche and Audi are said to be in advanced talks with F1 teams. The goal is to enter F1 with both brands starting with the 2026 Formula 1 season. This is when new engine regulations will be introduced in Formula 1.

After months of speculation, according to Reuters, the bullet is now in the box. Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen, would have revealed on Monday that Porsche and Audi will make their entrance into Formula 1. He would also have added that Porsche is already further along in the preparations and has more concrete plans than Audi.

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