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'Red Bull Racing does go with a new rear wing in Australia'
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'Red Bull Racing does go with a new rear wing in Australia'

7 April - 07:58 Last update: 08:56


Where Mercedes still had to make do with an old rear wing in Australia, Red Bull Racing did travel to Australia with a new rear wing. Erik van Haren of De Telegraaf reports that.

After two races in 2022 Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing are in good shape. The double elimination in Bahrain was a major setback, but the pole and victory in Saudi Arabia confirmed the suspicion after the first race of the season: Red Bull is back in the race for the world title.

Progress at Red Bull

Verstappen and Red Bull did fall behind through the first Grand Prix, but with a record 23 races this year, there are plenty of chances to make up that deficit. After the pole and victory in Jeddah, the Austrian formation hopes to continue the good line in Melbourne.

The good news is that the RB18 of Verstappen and Sergio Perez will be equipped with a new rear wing. It is one of the updates that Red Bull brings to the Albert Park circuit, because Tom Coronel also reported earlier that Red Bull car has lost seven kilos towards this Grand Prix. It will therefore be interesting to see what the proportions are like this weekend.

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