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Lammers on DRS: 'That way even I could pass Max'

Lammers on DRS: 'That way even I could pass Max'

1 April - 08:36 Last update: 11:56


During the fight between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen in Saudi Arabia, both drivers braked before the DRS detection zone to get the DRS on the straight. According to some it was a nice moment during the race, but Jan Lammers is critical.

With the 2022 F1 cars, following another car seems to be easier, because the aerodynamics have been simplified, overtaking is also a lot easier. As a result, the DRS effect has become even stronger. During the race in Saudi Arabia, this was most evident with Verstappen and Leclerc braking to claim the DRS on the straight. An interesting new moment in the sport, but not so positive for the competitiveness of racing.

Lammers is done with the DRS

On the Formula 1 podcast of NOS, Lammers spoke to Dione de Graaff. The former racing driver said: "If you get those race starts like those cyclists in the bowl; you shouldn't have that 'after-you story' during a Grand Prix." De Graaff, on the other hand, liked it. Lammers: "Yes, but on the other side are the overtaking actions and outbraking someone. This was fun for a change. You don't want to see this every time, because it's not the real racing." Lammers emphasizes that the DRS was introduced at a time when overtaking was very difficult.

Now that the cars can continue to chase each other and overtaking is easier, the DRS seems redundant according to Lammers: "This is the moment to abolish DRS. I hope they do it very soon. What's the point of going 25 kilometers faster on the straight? Nice and clever, that way I could still pass Max." F1 had already foreseen the problem with the DRS and is now working on an alternative to it. The idea being to slow down the car in front instead of giving the car behind the boost.

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