'FIA in talks with two countries to replace GP Russia'

'FIA in talks with two countries to replace GP Russia'

10 March - 14:40 Last update: 17:50

The FIA cancelled the Grand Prix in Russia due to the war in Ukraine. Since then the organisation has been busy looking for a replacement circuit, with two countries high on the list according to Auto, Motor und Sport journalist Tobi Grüner.

The race in Russia was scheduled for September, giving the FIA several more months to find a replacement. It is not leaving the current period unused, however, as the FIA is reportedly busy talking to various countries behind the scenes.

In the meantime, however, the list is said to be smaller and has two circuits in bold. Qatar, for example, would have a good chance of holding another GP in the country. Moreover, the FIA would consider organising an extra race in Bahrain. For the time being, however, the parties do not seem to have reached an agreement.

FIA thinks with Haas

Over the next three days in Bahrain, the Formula One teams are getting ready for the new season. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they will have time to put their cars on the track to generate data. Due to earlier problems at Haas, the FIA is considering giving the American stable the opportunity to go on track in the evening as well.