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Loss of speed in 2022 seems to be less drastic according to Pirelli

Loss of speed in 2022 seems to be less drastic according to Pirelli

28-02-2022 16:43 Last update: 22:58


Pirelli currently has a unique position in Formula 1. The Italian tyre manufacturer has more information about the new 2022 cars than all F1 teams. Pirelli chief Mario Isola can already give away that on the basis of the first lap times it looks better than expected.

Pirelli has best view of the new F1 cars

Pirelli has had unique insight into all the cars on the track, as the rubber manufacturer has seen all the teams and their equipment at work during the shakedowns and during the three days of testing in Barcelona, where they analysed the operation of their new tyres for the F1 cars in dry and wet conditions. According to Isola, things are looking better than initially thought. Rumours had suggested that the new 2022 rules would cause a time loss of several seconds, but that doesn't look like the case.

Loss of speed not so bad

Isola spoke to F1 in a YouTube video: "I must say, looking at the first lap times on the first day; it looks better than expected. We are now only one and a half seconds slower than last year's fastest time in the race. I don't think anyone has really pushed hard yet either." Isola is therefore very curious to see the actual pace during the first race weekend in Bahrain.

The new rules were mainly developed to implement a kind of reset and bring the field closer together again. When building the new cars the starting point had to be that following the opponent would be a lot easier. Initially it was expected that the new F1 cars would have to give up a lot of speed in the fast corners. According to Isola, at first glance this does not seem to be the case.