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Sainz on Ferrari expectations: 55 won't be swapped for number one

Sainz on Ferrari expectations: "55 won't be swapped for number one"

25-02-2022 17:42 Last update: 19:08

Carlos Sainz can go home with a good feeling after the first winter test. The Ferrari driver ended the final test day with a seventh time and was on top of his game on all days, as was teammate Charles Leclerc.

Sainz won't trade number 55 for number 1 just yet

In conversation with he says he is satisfied with the first week of testing. He also states that the F1-75 can 'slide a little more' than its predecessor. Ferrari seems to be able to compete again and therefore does not have to worry as much about what the competition is doing.

Meanwhile, the psychological games from the Mercedes camp are already in full swing. Toto Wolff pointed to Ferrari, which according to the Mercedes team boss currently has the strongest engine. Lewis Hamilton also stated that he expected the Italian racing team to start the new Formula 1 season with "a big lead".

Sainz, for now, reacts soberly to the high expectations. "The 55 will not be exchanged for number one," he jokes in response to the question of whether Ferrari can compete for the world title this year. Nevertheless, the Spaniard concludes the first test week in Barcelona with satisfaction in his own words and is confident that this line can be continued to the next tests in Bahrain and the first race weekend in Sakhir.