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Michael Schumacher kart track has been saved: 'We are fulfilling his dream'

Michael Schumacher kart track has been saved: 'We are fulfilling his dream'

31 January - 16:29 Last update: 17:49


The future of the karting track where Michael Schumacher started his career was uncertain for a long time, but for now the track will remain. The track has not only been saved, since there are also big plans for the future.

For a long time it seemed that the karting track would disappear due to the plans of energy giant RWE. They wanted to use the natural area around the track for the expansion of a lignite quarry.

Fortunately, the karting track was saved from its demise by Gerhard Noack, the chairman of the karting club. He announced in a conversation with Kölner Express  that the track will not disappear for the time being. They have signed a lease agreement with RWE, which will keep them off the area for the next few years. The money they get for that lease agreement, they are going to use to renovate the track.

Future plans

Over the next few years, Noack's team is going to start rebuilding. They are first going to resurface the access roads, then lay new curbs and they are going to install double guard rails. These measures will allow the organisation of international competitions on that race track in the future. There are also plans to build an electric kart track in the future.

"We are fulfilling Michael's dream and will keep the sports facility where he learned to run for a long time. I don't know how he is and I don't ask Ralf anymore because the family asks for Michael's privacy. But I think he and son Mick, who he learned to kart here, will be happy."

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