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Formula 1 becomes a show: 'Rules change and are manipulated'

Formula 1 becomes a show: 'Rules change and are manipulated'

30 January - 12:34 Last update: 17:16


A lot has already changed in Formula 1 since the first race in 1950. This year, for example, we get new regulations that should ensure that the cars can follow each other better and that the teams' expenses are more or less equal. Even though we're getting new rules, according to Peter Windsor it's all getting out of hand and Formula 1 is more of a show.

The British journalist explains in his new YouTube video that Bernie Ecclestone asked all the team bosses in 1993 to sign a document that would prevent technology from being part of Formula 1. He did this at the time because he noticed that everything was getting out of hand, but according to the Brit, this is happening again now. "Formula 1 is about power, money, technology, human endaveour and passion. Inevitably it is going to get all mixed up," he explained.

A show instead of a sport

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there has been a lot of talk about whether Formula 1 is still a sport. There are rules, but they are simply changed when it suits the FIA. According to Windsor, this is partly because all the different factors are no longer separate. "When you look at the way rules are manipulated and changed for whatever reason, you gotta say it was a show."

The FIA ​​is currently still busy with the investigation surrounding the season finale. They will discuss the results with the drivers on February 14, after which the World Motorsport Council must approve it on March 18.

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