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Mercedes on dominance: 'We want to show it hasn't just been luck'

Mercedes on dominance: 'We want to show it hasn't just been luck'

29 January - 13:39 Last update: 20:31


For eight consecutive times, Mercedes has won the constructors' championship in Formula 1. New regulations might bring the dominant hybrid era to an end, but the team is doing everything it can to be the best on the grid again.

In the YouTube video of Mercedes, James Allison talks about the upcoming season. The team sees 2022 as a great opportunity to prove itself. "We want to show that it hasn’t just been luck over the years", he says. Indeed, Mercedes is often criticized, claiming that its dominance is purely luck according to fans because there have been no major rule changes for years.

According to Allison, Mercedes has had to work just as hard to maintain that dominance. "We haven’t merely stumbled into a formula." The rule changes could pose a big threat to teams like Mercedes and Red Bull because who knows, they might sink further back towards the midfield. Mercedes, however, sees it positively.

Mercedes seizes opportunity

"We see every regulation change as an opportunity to pit our wits against them and see whether we actually deserve still to be competitive, to see whether or not we can show a afresh that we have understood the physics behind the car", says the technical chief. In a month's time the F1 test days will start, where we will get a first indication of the grid order.

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