Rumor: 'Aston Martin may miss first test week in Barcelona'

Rumor: 'Aston Martin may miss first test week in Barcelona'

28 January - 20:03 Last update: 28 January - 20:03

A remarkable rumor has been circulating. Aston Martin could possibly be absent during the first test week in Barcelona from February 23 to 25. The British racing team is said to be behind schedule with the development of the new car.

This is what The Judge 13 reported. The website has spoken to a source within the team. This person is said to have hinted that Aston Martin is miles behind its own schedule. It would even be so bad that it might miss the three test days at the Circuit de Catalunya.

At the factory, the atmosphere is also anything but good. The new highly paid executives and their subordinates are rumored to be too afraid to say what needs to be said during countless meetings in an attempt to solve the problems, while significant sums of money are being released for the problems.

Unrest at Aston Martin

So there is turmoil and Aston Martin is not looking forward to that in what is going to be an important year. After all, the new regulations are being introduced and starting now with a backlog means you're constantly behind the times. What also does not help is that team boss Otmar Szafnauer has left.

According to the aforementioned medium, many employees have the feeling that Szafnauer saw all this coming and therefore closed the door behind him.